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Amalgamated Bank supports universal employer-sponsored contraception

Amalgamated Bank was disappointed to hear of the Supreme Court’s decision to affirm a Trump Administration order that would allow employers to limit access to contraception under the Affordable Care Act. We joined an amicus brief before the ruling in support of universal access to contraception and condemn this ruling, which will affect an estimated 126,000 women.

Amalgamated believes that all employers should provide contraception and other family planning supports as an essential part of their health benefits and are calling on other corporate peers to step forward in providing greater access in the face of this ruling.

Amalgamated Bank knows that providing contraception and other family related benefits is good for business and helps create a more inclusive work environment. We joined the Planned Parenthood Federation of America Business for Birth Control coalition, because it is a critical part of our health care benefit package and yet so many people struggle to obtain affordable contraception. Employers, like Amalgamated, need to provide access to reproductive health care as essential strategy for employee retention, diversity, equity and inclusion, and financial stability of their workforce. According to Rhia Ventures’ landmark report, Hidden Value: The Business Case for Reproductive Health, 86% of women stated that controlling if and when to have children has been important to their careers. This is an overwhelming majority that requires the attention of business leaders as they currently asses the diversity, inclusion, and equity strategies of their companies.

We are calling on other corporate leaders to stand up in the absence of government leadership and offer a comprehensive package of reproductive health and family benefits to their employees. Such benefits build and maintain the inclusive and competitive workforce needed to succeed. These benefits include:

  • Access to free contraception
  • Abortion coverage
  • Gender transition care
  • Paid family leave

In these and all times, it is important for employers to remain dedicated to the best interests of employees, especially as it relates to family issues. This includes freedom in family planning, healthcare and reproductive health. Reproductive health and family policies are more critical than ever, and we fully support reproductive freedom for all.

Things we care about

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LGBTQ+ justice

Each June, I can usually be found doing two things: attending LGBTQ Pride parades and refreshing SCOTUSBlog for updates on major Supreme Court cases. I knew that I wouldn’t be attending any parades this year due to COVID-19, but I never expected to hear Monday’s Supreme Court ruling confirming that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 applies to discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

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racial justice

Last week, Amalgamated Bank issued a public statement on our support for Black Lives Matter and promised that tangible actions would be forthcoming. I am sharing with you where we are now, just a little over a week later, and where I believe we can head in the future.

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corporate and social responsibility

Amalgamated Bank believes that Black Lives Matter and that the horrendous death of George Floyd is just the latest example of the explicit racism embedded within our country’s entire criminal justice system. We believe the oppression of Black people must end now.