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Amalgamated Bank is proud to offer impact investing opportunities which allow clients to align their investments with their values. As America's socially responsible bank we believe that we can build a more just, sustainable and inclusive world through our investment products. 

Begin your ESG investing journey by learning more about who we are and our current impact investing product offerings below.

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Amalgamated Bank is proud to introduce ResponsiFunds - a suite of ESG impact products designed to align your investment and growth goals with your organizational values.

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Learn about the latest in social impact investing, industry trends and best practices from our team of industry-leading experts.

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Watch our video series to learn more about our impact investing options and how we are America's socially responsible bank. To access our library of content click below.

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Putting our mission into action

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impact investing

Amalgamated Bank is pleased to announce the launch of ResponsiFunds,1 a suite of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investment products designed to align investment and growth goals with organizational values and a vision of a better future.

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impact investing

As the world begins to repair and rebound from a global pandemic and economic standstill, it offers a rare opportunity for institutions that hold the potential to shape our world to re-consider a long-term vision for the type of world we want to live in. 

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impact investing

Demand for ESG investment strategies and products continues to see rapid growth. As we expand our ESG offerings, we are growing the team to lead this important work. We believe that sound Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) competencies will no longer be a trademark of industry distinction but a required commitment to better business practices.