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Fossil Fuel Free Portfolio

Combine sustainable values with your investment needs

Your values.
Your investment.

Your opportunity.

The Fossil Fuel Free Portfolio by Amalgamated Investment Services contains mutual funds and ETFs that have been rigorously screened, as well as environmental, social, and governance practices.

Clean investments help protect the planet and allow investors and companies to align their investments with their values.

Through this portfolio, you will be supporting environmentally responsible companies, participating in fossil fuel divestment and advocating for social equity and causes.

An investment vehicle that not only does good, but can also pay dividends. 

Make a positive impact in:
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Renewable Energy

Develops renewable energy sources such as solar and wind

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Water Use/Recycling

Provides efficiency in usage of water and other natural resources and implements sustainable water recycling programs

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Excludes companies that manufacture or distribute military weapons and civilian firearms

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Animal Welfare

Protects animals from cruelty, suffering and use in experiments

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Sustainable Agriculture

Promotes soil health, uses renewable water sources, lowers pollution levels and deals fairly with workers

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Carbon Emissions

Reduces carbon footprint and combats pollution actively

Putting our mission into action

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impact investing

Amalgamated Bank has long been an advocate for fossil fuel divestment, having pledged not to invest or lend to fossil fuel companies more than 5 years ago. The Fossil Fuel Free Portfolios managed by Amalgamated Investment Services contain mutual funds and ETFs that have been rigorously screened and attained perfect scores for fossil fuel divestment per environmental watchdog As You Sow.

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college savings

Amalgamated Investment Services offers access to options to help you prepare for the costs of your child’s education, possibly even with a sustainable investment portfolio.

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impact investing

As the economy continues to reopen and normalize, now is a good time to reassess and consider your financial goals, such as saving for a comfortable retirement, or being able to help your child go to college. Saving for both your retirement and your child’s education at the same time can be challenging, but Amalgamated Investment Services offers solutions to help put you on the path to achieving all your goals.