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Immigrant Rights

Immigrant Rights

All immigrants deserve basic rights and should be afforded equitable opportunities to become and be recognized as an essential part of a thriving economy.

Our voice

  • One of the first banks to accept NYC’s Municipal ID card helping in the account opening process and to expand banking to under-served communities
  • Launched Hate is Not Charitable campaign to stop the flow of philanthropic dollars to hate groups, including those discriminating against immigrant communities
  • Launched the First Home Mortgage Club to help make home ownership more affordable for first time buyers

Our money

  • We will not lend money to private prisons or detention centers
  • We participate in the NYC Kids RISE Save for College program by offering an Amalgamated Save for College Account for participating members, primarily serving immigrant communities
  • Pioneered the first free checking accounts, unsecured personal loans and foreign exchange transfer service allowing immigrants to send money back home
  • Helped United We Dream deploy nearly $300,000 in checks to pay Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) fees for 550 immigrant youths
  • We provide financing to CDFIs that open up investment opportunities for immigrant communities

Our legacy

Amalgamated Bank was founded in 1923 by a union of immigrants and has spent the past 98 years advocating for immigrant rights.

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Putting our mission into action

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workers' rights

The light at the end of the pandemic tunnel has gotten a little brighter recently, especially as the number of U.S. COVID-related hospitalizations continues to dwindle and the number of fully vaccinated people in the country reaches nearly 40% of the population.1

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access to banking

As America’s socially responsible bank, committed to providing financial services and advocating for economic justice for all, we recognize the struggle that many communities face when it comes to accessing banking services.

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racial justice

Today, Amalgamated Bank announced its endorsement of HR 40, which is calling upon the Federal Government to form a Commission to explore reparations for African Americans. As of now, we are the first major U.S. bank to endorse HR 40, but are hopeful we are not the last.