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Racial Justice

Racial Justice

We stand for the just, fair, and equitable treatment of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). We understand our obligation to recognize and correct systems of racial exclusion and oppression so that all people have equal opportunities to thrive.  

Our voice: 

  • Include racial justice and equity as core tenets of our corporate vision and values 
  • We use our voice to support the Black Lives Matter movement, racial justice, and equity for all 
  • We are the first U.S. bank to endorse HR40 - a bill establishing a Commission to explore reparations for African Americans 

Our money: 

  • We do not lend money to companies and organizations that do not support the just, fair, and equitable treatment of the BIPOC community 
  • Through the Amalgamated Foundation Hate is Not Charitable campaign, $35M of the grants went to organizations that are focused on the Black Community and Communities of Color 
  • Amalgamated Foundation explicitly supports nonprofits led by People of Color and those fighting for racial justice as explicit criteria for grantmaking 

Our practices: 

  • Formed a Racial Justice Task Force to address internal bias and racism through training, employee engagement, and pathways to leadership 
  • Provide, promote, and expand opportunities for minority employees by sharing information, facilitating career development, promoting awareness, and influencing growth in a supportive and safe environment through our Minority Organization for Leadership and Development Employee Resource Group (MOLD ERG) 
  • We have included an anti-racism statement in the introduction of our employee handbook that identifies how the Bank also endeavors every day to be an anti-racism organization  
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Why Amalgamated?

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Putting our mission into action

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racial justice

Today, Amalgamated Bank announced its endorsement of HR 40, which is calling upon the Federal Government to form a Commission to explore reparations for African Americans. As of now, we are the first major U.S. bank to endorse HR 40, but are hopeful we are not the last.

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Amalgamated Bank was founded almost 100 years ago to create a diverse, inclusive, and egalitarian community for labor workers. These tenets of our founding are elevated again today as we proudly announce that the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index (HRC CEI) has designated Amalgamated Bank “One of the Best Places to Work” in 2021.

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racial justice

Last week, Amalgamated Bank issued a public statement on our support for Black Lives Matter and promised that tangible actions would be forthcoming. I am sharing with you where we are now, just a little over a week later, and where I believe we can head in the future.