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Your safety and security is our top priority
Security Center

At Amalgamated, the safety and security of your account(s) is our top priority. Browse the topics below to learn more about how we protect your personal information and finances, and what you can do to further protect yourself and your account(s). For further assistance with fraud and security measures on your account, please contact our Fraud Help Line at 800-792-7510.

  • Tech Support Scam

    The tech support scammer pretends to be an employee of a well-known company and encourages you to provide them with access to your device by: 

    • Offering technical help (i.e. virus removal, unlocking an account)
    • Promising a refund
    • Requesting an unpaid fee or declaring that you have an outstanding balance
    • Claiming to assist with recovering lost funds

    Some warning signs include being asked to:

    • Download certain software on your computer or mobile device 
    • Sign into your online banking account, conduct wire transfers or buy gift cards  

    Just some of the ways you can protect yourself include:

    • Not calling numbers listed on pop-ups
    • Not giving out personal information

    Most importantly, if someone is claiming to be an Amalgamated Bank employee, please contact our customer service team at (800) 662-0860 to verify that individual.